A New Perspective After Leaving Home

“You’re writing reminds me of the time in London.”

Ann texted me after reading my writings. I didn’t understand.

“You’re thinking about relationships overall and missing true conversations. It just reminds me of myself when I was in London. The somewhat depressing mood underlies in your writing.”

I was thinking about interactions with other people frequently these days compared to the past. What was happening? What was the common ground of my and Ann’s past?

I’ve left home six years ago but I’ve really left home forever a year ago. People have a new perspective after leaving the comfy zone and ponder about basic questions about life that were so minimal in the past. It’s like wine. Leaving the wine to age so that it can have better taste is like letting go of time to run on its own. Time helps us to understand some elements in life. It actually solves many unanswered questions, too.




Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and random thoughts

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Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and random thoughts

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