Pecoraro’s “Lovely”

“Henry I…I was gonna call you before I left.”

“Left? Where you’re going?”

“Back home.”

“You mean you’re giving up?”

“What would people think?”
“People would think whatever they want to think regardless of what you do. Don’t be afraid of your emotions.”

-Joey Pecoraro’s Lovely

This has been on my “listen on repeat” song for the past week. I love this song for three reasons — the old movie dialogue, the calm melody, and the repetitive lyrics.

First of all, the dialogue in the beginning is absolutely “lovely” as the title. The old retro sound of the dialogue from a movie that seems to come from the 60s attracts me from listening to it over and over again. I tried to find whether the dialogue was from a movie or not and failed. Joey Pecoraro’s music contains many dialogues and this really draws attention of the listeners. This short dialogue makes me wonder the plot of the soundtrack. Imagination is required and it goes wild.

What is she going to do? What happened? How did they meet? Are they really in love? Why does she care so much about others? How is Henry so bold? Is this infidelity? Can I call it that? Is everything black and white? It can be true love? Why do I have to define this lovely relationship? It’s obviously lovely that’s why the title is “lovely.” There is no right answer!

A million questions are raised and an answer is not clearly given but I can assume that it will be a lovely ending in how I interpret the soundtrack.

The calm melody goes great with the dialogue or it will be vice versa. I don’t know how Pecoraro came up with the song. He might have had the music first or the dialogue or the lyrics. Regardless of the fact which came first, he created the calm melody that wants me to relax and be “lovely.” It helps me to be less stressed out.

Lastly, the repetitive lyrics are charming. The only lyric in the soundtrack is “lovely” and this simple lyric is enough to express everything. The three elements create this lovely song.




Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and random thoughts

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Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and random thoughts

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